. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fine Art Photography by Brian C. Record . . . . . . . . .

Art Prints

Limited Edition

Brian C. Record

“These are photographic studies from the camera of an artist...who often selects the obvious and with uncommon skill and perception reveals the essentials we would
like to have discovered for ourselves.”
                        George Dibble, The Salt Lake Tribune

Two On A Boardwalk

Ghost Dancers

Salt Flats Flaking

New York Fire Hydrant Attention

Model Stone Face

Painter and Model Discussion

Light Beams, Special Events Center, Utah, 1968

Smiling Swimsuit

Mount Jag Sea

Spinning Globetrotter

Resting Girl

Boulder Dam at Night, September 2006

Cactus and Blooms

Streaming Swallowing River Rock

Wailua Red Earth Falls

Ice Cycle Star

Meditating Out

Lily Cadily

Prop Jet

Cloud Tower on Lake Powell

Slick Boulder Greens

Reds at Valley of Fire

Merging Road

Sunset Glen to Kanab

Ensenada Street Sales

Grand Canyon North Pines

Flash One

Mushroom Break Over Powell

Sandstone Quarry Red Rock Canyon

California Gaping

Painted Barn Doors

Sandy Valley Skyfall

Heart Shadows on Petal

Sunflare Gull

Crystal Snow Curves

Twilight Powell Boating

Valley of Fire Sand Walking

Card Hats

Moon Arch

Philippine Niece Bath

Girl Friend on Beach

Hunting Buffalo Petroglyph

Open Pit Kennecott Train

Fuzzy Mushroom

Idaho Barn

Lake Mead Sunlit Mountain

Las Vegas Night Fashion

Majestic Lake Powell Bluff

Navajo Horseman

Misty Falls

Desert Rust Shot Car

Beach Rocks Oregon

Glen Canyon Bridge Prism

Sunsetting Cloud Fingers

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