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Prices & Details

Each photograph is made on 13x19 inch archival paper

"Famous Musicians" - Each photograph is one-of-a-kind: it is the only one.  It is encased in a 16x20 inch museum-quality frame specifically designed to enhance the subject:  $5,000 each.  

"Politicians" - Each photograph is one of a limited edition of only ten:  $2,500.

"Art" - Each photographs is one of a limited edition of twenty-five:  $500.

I have chosen Kent M. Farnsworth to make my final prints not only because he is one of the most skilled and experienced image craftsmen, but also because he carefully follows my specific instructions to implement each print as I personally envision.  We met as young professional photographers more than forty years ago. 

He uses my original negative to judiciously scan each image, then skillfully incorporates the finest ink and paper to produce prints with the best possible tonal range on a state-of-the-art printer. 


Black and White - The price of each black-and-white photograph includes a wood frame and other critically selected mounting materials.

Color Prints - Unlike black-and-white photographs which can find a place in most decors, color photographs require mattes and frames artfully selected to complement the colors in the image as well the decor where the piece will hang.  It is usually better for the buyer to choose a local shop to make the framing package.   So, my color "photographic art" will be shipped unframed unless other arrangements are made.

Brian C. Record with one of his museum-quality, signed, and framed prints originally captured on film in 1968 - part of his "Famous Musicians" collection

The richest blacks, the cleanest whites, and other striking characteristics make these photographs truly art collectibles one must see to believe.

Framed photograph of Jimi Hendrix live on stage, 1968, captured by camera on film by Brian Record at one of the Utah rock star concert performances of the 1960's

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